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Photographs are the ultimate way to look back on important or fun moments, and that applies equally to the corporate world, especially at teambuilding events. After all, when John from HR inevitably knocks something over, it’s best to have someone on hand to capture all the hilarity.

Whether your company is splashing out on a weekend away, or simply booking a day out, teambuilding is essential to creating a happy workspace. Come Monday, you want people greeting each other with friendly faces at the water cooler, reminiscing about being the winning team, or simply laughing over a funny moment. This builds success and morale in a company.

Having a photographer on hand to snap up these moments is an often overlooked but vital part of teambuilding events.

And no, just because Susan from design knows Photoshop it doesn’t mean she can double as the photographer for the event. First of all, it detracts from her own experience and team building activity, and secondly, bias is a very real thing. There is always a chance that all the photos will only feature office friends, and might exclude less social or popular office members. Therefore it is always best to hire a professional photographer with an unbiased eye to look for memorable moments at your teambuilding event. These photos will serve as an excellent ice breaker in the office, and, by showcasing the best shots, newer employees will have a talking point and something to look forward to when their turn at teambuilding comes.

So what type of photographer is best for your teambuilding event? Well, that depends on the type of event you’re hosting.

If it’s a fun day with plenty of sporting activities that promote teamwork, you’re going to need a photographer with an eye for action. Here it is best to check for someone who has covered sporting events in the past and who can really capture the excitement and grit when sales and HR duke it out over a tug of war – and the inevitable camaraderie that follows.

Or perhaps you’re treating a team to a lavish high tea followed by a more cerebral experience such as board games to promote teamwork, or games that allow team members to get to know each other. Here you’d rather ask for a photographer with an eye for detail – someone who can capture the moment two people find something in common, or the joy when everyone tucks into an endless parade of cheat day snacks. Because nothing bonds people like a love of carbs.

Whatever your choice of teambuilding event is, selecting the right photographer to create memories for your staff to look back on is essential. Why not talk to us about finding the right photographer for your event, and what photographer you might need? Let us be an impartial part of your teambuilding event, allowing staff members to bond in an uninterrupted space, while creating memories and talking points for years to come in the office.

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