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We won’t let you forget

A lot of hard work goes into planning an event or conference, whether it is wrangling wayward caterers, tracking down lost table cloths or surviving the feedback of a sound test gone awry. In all the chaos, remembering the event is often overlooked, especially when in the middle of the 5th crisis for the day all you want is for the conference to be over.

But once it all comes together and goes off without a hitch, all that effort, sweat and stress seem worth it. Especially when your keynote speaker doesn’t trip on their way up to the stage, and your conference delegates cheer on a co-worker winning an award. Suddenly, all you want is concrete proof of this amazing night or day.

That’s why videography at conferences is so important because it becomes a time capsule of you and your fellow delegate’s lives. Speeches are forever memorialised and can be shown to new employees or future attendees of the conference. Not only that but, having a videographer at your conference allows you to include those who could not attend by making the video available to them. Therefore the conference can be shown at any time, especially if vital points were raised and pertinent information needs to be heard.

If it is a part of a series of conferences, a videographer can help you create a product that can be used in your marketing for your next event. Whether you want someone unobtrusive with a single camera documenting the event with a montage, or you want multiple cameras (which are recommended) capturing every moment from every angle, we can assist you with conference videography. And of course, we cannot argue enough that the difference between your co-worker with his DSLR camera filming the event and a professional using HD video equipment and editing techniques does matter. Always go for the professional option when aiming to put out a professional product.

Talk to us about the technicalities of videography at conferences, and let’s work on a solution to capture the day. Starting from R2 200.00 ex VAT. We won’t let you forget the memories you made at your conference, and you won’t have to worry about keeping up with Dave from HR and his Cannon from 2003.

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