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Social media has led the way with much of the popularity around photography in our modern world. The problem, however, is that every person with a smartphone thinks they are professional photographers or even a model!

This has become especially true for events. People spend thousands of Rands on professional cameras without much more than an interest in photography. You cannot be an astronaut just because you really, really want to be one and can afford a spaceship. (Ask Richard Branson… he can’t fly a spaceship but owns The Spaceship Company)

The same applies to professional event photography…perhaps the skill criteria are not quite as stringent as that of astronauts, but the principle is there.

What then happens is unskilled or inexperienced people get tasked to do event photography at reduced prices or even at no cost depending on the relationship between the organiser and photographer. How many people have asked their sister’s friend’s cousin to do the photography at their wedding to save money but weren’t entirely happy with the results?

The benefits of hiring a professional event photographer are well worth the spend and here are a few reasons why:

  • Professional photographers take several factors into consideration, like angles, background and lighting.
  • They get playful with creative angles but not awkward angles.
  • Professionals also like to play around with posed photos. This is referred to as grip and grin photography. They can nicely balance candid shots with posed shots.
  • Professionals know the importance of natural lighting and how to use it to their advantage.
  • Professionals know how to manage guests or crowds.
  • A professional photographer knows how to work a venue or subject material.
  • They are not shy and know when to step up to ensure content is captured.
  • They know how to make guests feel more comfortable, and not take awkward pictures, for example: when a guest is eating.
  • Professionals know how to prepare images for marketing material.
  • Preparation is done, and briefing notes made. There is accountability and client care. Professional photography is about a complete service, not just some images saved on a USB.
  • There is often back up equipment.
  • Professionals will take a set amount of pictures of the entire event, and not show favouritism to friends at an event.
  • There is a peace of mind when using a professional, and for any event planner, this is well worth the spend.

Unfortunately, most amateur photographers think that photography is an “arrive and shoot” game.

There really is no comparison between professional event photography services and self-taken photos.

While on the subject of professional photography, let’s also quickly take a look at another professional type of photography called Product Photography – a service our company also offers.

Product Photography puts your products in its intended environment and gives your customers a visual of what the products might look like in a real setting. In most cases the photographers will dress the products up in an appealing way that will speak to the intended audience and capture the images with such definition and reality; the screen barrier may seem non-existent. Product photography is being used more and more for digital online marketing and gives you an edge over your competitors.

There are several success stories in which people boosted sales when they invested in product photography. It is highly recommended.

You don't take a photo, you make it - Ansel Adams 1902- 1984.

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